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At Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy we teach the art of transforming lives through the venue of martial arts. Through our “Six Tasks” Character Development Program, our students are taken on a journey to change their behavior outside the academy, as well as, inside. Since our foundation starts with respect, every student is sent on a mission to record 50 acts of kindness, courtesy and respect. These acts are recorded in their respect journal, two a day, until they have completed 50. Since it takes 21 days to make a new habit, upon completion of this journal, our students have now become aware of what it means to be respectful. By taking action, they have learned by doing; which earns them their first badge--respect. Respect is the first of six journals to be completed--teamwork, self-discipline, perseverance, leadership and knowledge are to follow. 

Our Lil’ Dragon program accepts students from the ages 4 to 6 years and helps your children become well rounded by developing your child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  Safety skills, life skills and martial arts are introduced in a non-intimidating atmosphere that will help prepare them for school. By learning confidence at this young age, it will help decrease your child’s chances of being bullied as they enter preschool and kindergarten.  

Our basic program offers a positive environment where the emphasis is centered on building up self-confidence while reinforcing self-defense against mediocrity, negativity, peer-pressure and low self-esteem. Bully prevention is further enforced as students increase their self-esteem and learn to “walk like black belts”--tall and proud, shoulders back--to avoid the appearance of a victim.  Academic excellence is encouraged throughout all our programs and teaches our students to strive for a life of excellence. Classes also cover a monthly character development theme that will help our students become better citizens in their walk of life.

Our Adult programs offer all the life benefits as the children’s with added benefits in fitness, flexibility, muscle strengthening, cardio and a much needed stress relief.  We have many families who are either black belts or are training to earn their black belts together!!

As our students progress through the tae kwon do belt ranks, they are taught how to set a goal, take the action steps to reach the goal, and then re-set the goal once they have achieved it. Valuable life lessons like these are intermingled throughout all the programs and training at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy. 

Our instructors have become master motivators at keeping classes fun and exciting, while still teaching the art of tae kwon do. They are able to do this because we invest in our instructors by providing mandatory continued education in the form of seminars, leadership training and weekly hands on instruction. Our instructors are all certified black belts and are committed to teaching in a positive environment that leaves our students smiling, sweating and excited to return to classes.  

This is a clean, fun, family environment that has open viewing to encourage our parents involvement with their children’s training. Holding paddles and targets in class is our way of teaching you how to become a coach at home with your child as home practice is highly encouraged. We think this is so important that we hold bi-monthly free seminars on how to use the equipment to practice at home. Focus, coordination, speed, and power are a few of the benefits that will be increased as you practice your martial art skills at home. 

The instructors at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy are proud to be role-models in your children’s lives. We take seriously the task of leading by example as we touch and influence many lives for the better. Martial arts is our way of life. We invite you to make it part of yours.



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