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The Lil' Dragon's program teaches your child to be a good citizen and prepares them for life-or at least kindergarten. It includes instruction in safety and life skills. These help your children become well rounded by developing your child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. It is a three-pronged program that forms a triangle; safety skills, life skills and martial arts-each forming a leg. Your child will:

• Learn to share
• Follow directions
• Take turns
• Act respectfully
• Problem solve
• Encourage socialization
• Show self-control
• Stimulate curiosity
• Increase their focus ability
• Develop self-esteem • Demonstrate responsibility
• Develop a love of learning
• Develop speech and language
• Build fundamental motor skills
• Promote physical strength
• Promote coordination and stamina
• Promote physical strength
• Increase awareness of body and space
• Develop a sense of independence

At Arrowhead Martial Arts we believe every child is gifted in some way or another, just as every child will be challenged in some way. Some children are afraid to handle struggles or challenges and will only want to do things they are certain they will be able to do well.  It is our job to encourage these children in a non-threatening way. We do this through repetition. Repetition is disguised through drills and fun activities. The drills and activities may at times look like they are “just playing games” but rest assured there is a purpose behind every activity. Through these drills and activities the instsructors are working on motor skills, balance, focus, discipline, right and left side coordination, listening, memory cooperation, respect and fitness, to name a few.

True self-esteem is created when a child accomplishes tasks, achieves skills and progresses through stages of development. Artificial self-esteem is created through empty compliments and praises or getting what they want without having to work for it or earn it in any way. All our programs are designed so our students will value their achievements; they must earn them by doing something for them. Badges are earned through the different stages of our Six Task Character Development Program (an “outside the academy” journaling program that has the student learn by applying); stripes are earned through the different stages of belt progression; new belts are earned upon testing on different curriculum; stickers are awarded to bolster self-esteem when a student accomplishes something well in class. All new graduates of belt changes are rewarded with an exciting graduation which includes demo teams performing, students performing, and treats afterwards.

We encourage our parents to be patient and not compare their child to others in class. As the student stays faithful to attending class twice a week and practicing at home they will improve and one day will be looked at as the “really focused” one.   It just takes time and patience. But the benefits that will be carried forward into the rest of their lives are well worth it. We are not only creating black belts in our academy but we are creating black belts outside our academy. These are the future leaders of our communities.




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