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Why Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy in Glendale & Surprise?


Our mission at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy is “To Empower Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.”  We do this by using the physical aspect of the martial arts training to incorporate life skills that will not only teach our students self-defense, but will, more importantly, prepare them for life's challenges. Through our unique programs we start by developing within every student an attitude of "Black Belt Excellence". This is a metaphor for striving for the best you can be. In essence, we become life coaches for our students as we guide them through an exciting journey to earning a black belt.


While baseball, basketball, dance and soccer are all great activities, Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy’s programs are a personal development journey that will last for the rest of our student’s lives.

Our programs are designed to increase confidence and self-esteem. Both which go far in preventing your child from being bullied, raising their academic level and producing well adjusted individuals. Our emphasis is on Character Development as we mentor Black Belts of Excellence for life by incorporating traditional martial arts along with contemporary, dynamic teachings. Along the journey to reaching black belt, important skills such as: goal setting, respect, teamwork, cooperating, excelling, perseverance and integrity are ingrained in our students so that they will be prepared for all of life’s challenges.


Both Master Tippetts’ were inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Instructors of the Year for 2009, & received the Mark of Excellence Award 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.


Just because you earn a black belt does not qualify you to teach. This is why all our instructors are certified through an intensive leadership training course and a series of martial arts college courses. Once they pass these courses they are put through a rigorous training both on and off the mat. This is followed up with twice weekly training so that our instructors stay up-to-date with their teaching skills.  Our instructors are required to keep up their training through 40 hours of ongoing continued educational courses, training and seminars. This is our commitment to our students—to invest in our staff so that our students will receive only the best and highest quality in their martial arts training.


Martial Arts is not a team sport where if you are not one of the top 10 “stars”, your playing time is extremely limited. Our students are all individuals and are not competing against anyone other than “themselves”. Our students come in all shapes and sizes, ages and coordination levels. We have students with autism, asperger’s, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), mild downs syndrome and sensory integration dysfunction disorder (SIDD), overweight, knee challenges, back problems, etc. Each student is trained and motivated to work at their best potential.

We invite you to join our family and begin your personal journey to becoming a future "Black Belt of Excellence" at Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy.


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